Dec 17

Jason Berrang

Deputy Chief

Originally from Chicago, Jason moved to Georgia with family and later ended up in Savannah to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design. Jason joined the Southside Division of Southside Fire/EMS in 1998. Yes, he is a Yankee too, like the rest of the team.

Morgan & JasonJason served in the Southside Division of the fire department as a Deputy Chief overseeing training and new personnel for that division. He was very much involved in assisting John with the training of rookie classes at the department.  Jason holds numerous state and national Fire and EMS ratings to include Life Guard Instructor, BCLS Instructor, National Firefighter evaluator, Flammable Liquids Firefighting, Ropes Instructor, Rescue Specialist, and numerous others. Jason also holds training and certifications in many areas of survival and of course K9 Handler. Jason has received awards and recognition for his service and dedication. Jason has served as well as a Marine Medic with the Sheriff’s Office and other special assignments.

Jason & RexThe Team was on 24 hour call, not only for K9, but Fire/EMS as well, responding to anything from structure fires, to chemical spills, to ill persons, to traffic accidents. Jason gets directly involved with going right in to fight the fire and providing medical care for those ill or injured. Being a company officer, Jason directs anything from fire attacks to scene operations.

Jason enjoys being a magician and computer web page and commercial media designer. He has numerous web pages that he designs and maintains as well as producing other materials for circulation. He also enjoys motorcycles and traveling, which you can imagine is difficult to fit in his schedule with everything else.

If this were not enough to keep him busy, Jason is also the Deputy Chief of the K9 Task Force. This places additional demands on his already busy schedule, personal and career life, but as with the other members of the team he finds it to be very rewarding. Sharing the responsibilities of commanding the K9 Task Force with John, Jason helps keep the team operational.


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