Dec 17

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the team receive any federal or state funding?  Are you a government agency?
No on all fronts.  We do not receive any federal or state funding.  We are not a federal or state agency.  At one time our force was attached to Fire-Rescue in Savannah, but now we are solely a private organization. We do not solicit donations and elected to drop our 501c(3) when we decided to become completely private. We also want to make it clear we are not attached, affiliated, nor assigned to FEMA in any manner.  We have little respect for FEMA and they clearly demonstrated at 9/11, Katrina and other national emergencies how truly ineffective they are.  FEMA teams are well known not to be team players by any means.  This is not just a problem between FEMA and this team but with anyone that was not FEMA for they think of themselves as above any other agency in the land.  One problem with FEMA we all clearly know of ....they can't walk the walk but they sure talk the talk.


Why did we change from a 501c(3) to a private agency?
We no longer sought public support and felt the 501c(3) requirements were limiting our activities in getting things changed.  Sadly, much of the changes needed in agency responses to disasters and such are political in nature and we needed to be more involved with those which the 501c(3) restricts such activities.  Many agencies, including churches and more, engage in political activities but retain their 501c(3) though clearly a violation of the rules.  We won't hide behind such a rating when standing up for what we think is right.


Do we need more volunteers (human or K9)?
We appreciate the numerous offers but are not in need of new members at this time.  As our role has changed to more of training and consulting we no longer have the need for a large team.


Should I reward my dog with food or toys when they do something good?
We would only recommend praise for a reward.  After working the WTC we learned how unrealistic food and toy rewards really are to the K9s.


Would we assist in training your K9?
We're always interested in assisting others with K9 work.  Check out our training section for tips and training methods.  We travel the US and Canada giving presentations about the work K9 undertake in this world and their importance.  We have an excellent presentation about the work that took place at WTC and Katrina plus other events.  If your group or agency is interested there is no cost for the presentation, we only ask assistance with travel depending upon the distance.  If we can make a short drive to you there is no assistance requested to hear about the great work of the K9s.


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