Dec 17

Morgan Vom Randolph Haus

June 16th, 1999 - July 25, 2011

K9 Captain Morgan is an American German Shepherd. Her handlers are John and Jason. She has extensive training in air scenting cadaver, air scenting and trailing of persons, collapsed building searches, rappelling, as well as water scenting (from aboard a boat or on shore.) Morgan holds numerous certifications both national and international. Morgan is valued greatly with her extensive training and experience and boosts a high find rate in varying environments and conditions.

Morgan: What you looking at?Morgan was officially retired from active duty October 4th, 2002. This was due to complications from her three story fall at the World Trade Center and still unknown possible illnesses from exposure at Ground Zero.

Since her retirement, Morgan has been adopted by our family to allow her to enjoy life. Her activities have been limited by injuries sustained during her service at Ground Zero. At her new home she can enjoy being a family pet, play with her toys whenever she desires, and just plain relax.

Morgan was pulled out of retirement for a few weeks to assist the Task Force with the recovery after Hurricane Katrina. Working in New Orleans and various places along the Gulf Coast, Morgan did what she had always done without missing a step. She is now back enjoying the simple life once again.

On July 25, 2011, K9 Morgan passed away after complications from hemangiosarcoma.


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