Dec 17


Born March 14th, 2001

RexRex is a Belgian Malinois. He joined the team October 14th, 2002. His handlers are Jason and John. He is trained in multiple surface man tracking, explosive locating, collapsed building and debris pile work, multiple target trailing, inclement weather tracking, handler protection, cadaver recovery, sub-terrain and elevated obstacle searches, wilderness and urban tracking, rappelling, stability and obedience under stress, live fire and smoke environment work, gunfire and range experience.

Rex returned to Baden K9 in 2004 where he is helping other teams prepare for the real work of K9 work.



Jessie & Rex

Jessie and Rex are brother and sister.
Donations from the community, sponsors and personal funds
of the handlers allowed us to purchase Jessie and Rex.
Both K9's were purchased from Baden K9 in Canada


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