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Former K9TF Member Pam Jackson Shot
Friday, 16 July 2010 18:26

Savannah, Georgia - Members of the Southside Fire Department found themselves trying to save one of their own when one lieutenant radioed in she had just be shot and needed help.

It happened at her home on Lester Avenue in Savannah around 10:30 p.m. Thursday night.

Southside Fire Assistant Chief Hugh Futrell explains, "we got a call over one of our radios, help I've been shot. We recognized the voice; it was our Lieutenant Pam Jackson."

Lieutenant Pam Jackson is a veteran firefighter and EMT. Futrell says "She's one of our gems."

He spoke with her briefly about what happened. "In talking with Pam it sounds like she heard something and got up. She was going to be bed, and the lights were off in the house. She was coming down the hall and shots rang out, so she surprised whoever it was," said Futrell.

Futrell says it looks like her door was kicked open, and that's the noise she heard. Fortunately Lieutenant Jackson was able to get to her radio. "She immediately grabbed her portable radio and called our headquarters and started saying she'd been shot, and she needed assistance," said Futrell. "We of course immediately responded and were there within a few minutes."

People living in the area couldn't believe what happened. "That's too close to home," said Diane Bracken. "You hear about this stuff in Garden City, Westside, Eastside, not really around here this type of neighborhood, so it's a little scary."

Lieutenant Jackson was taken to the hospital. She was shot in the face and arm and underwent minor surgery, but is expected to be fine. Chief Futrell says now the focus is on finding the person or persons responsible.

"If anyone has any tips out there, knows anybody, knows what happened, saw somebody please call CrimeStoppers. Lieutenant Jackson has been there to help other people now it's our chance to help her."

Southside Fire has raised $13,000 in reward money for anyone that has information that can lead to an arrest.

Original Story: WTOC News


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