Dec 17

K9TF Training
General Training

John and Jason both still continue their tracking and navigation training never knowing when  another call for help may be received.  Both stay very much involved in this field of service yet to this day.  The team is now much more modern than before with the addition of new electronic devices and more.  The team continues to be recognized by the Working Dog Registry International for their professionalism, dedication, knowledge, and abilities.

Training at Baden K9
Baden K9, located in Canada, is the world’s most complete, real life K9 training facility. They offer the K9 Task Force continued training and performance evaluation in numerous areas to include man tracking, explosive detection, elevated and sub-terrain work, cadaver recovery, collapsed building and debris pile work, rappelling, bite work, multiple target trailing, live fire and explosive detonation training, gun fire and range experience, performance under stress, and much more.

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